6 steps for a better Professional Image

6 steps for a better Professional Image

6 Steps for a better Professional Image sounds easy. Have you ever considered what these steps could be

Step 1  Sharpen up on your Social Media skills.

What do I mean by that? Writing posts on social media is a mirror image of yourself. It can tell a lot about who you are as a person, who you admire, what you do with your day and much more.  Even if your privacy setting on Facebook is set to private, if a post has a “globe”next to it, it becomes public – anyone can see it.

Are your post positive? Are you encouraging others? Or are you negative all the time…..

Google your name and see what comes up, you might just be surprised.

Remember be authentic, and make sure your posts are the best You, you can be. This will definitely increase your professional image.

Step 2  Linking with a right connections, what about a mentor?

We have all heard the words “you don’t have to do it alone”, but in business you think you do. Well I have great news for you, you don’t. It is so important to link with organisations, people, projects that project your public image.  From the events you attend, to committees you belong to and even the charities you support, are they in line with your image.  Join some forums, belong so an association, try something new. Make connections with leaders in your area of expertise. Most successful business people started at the bottom and will afford you the opportunity to be your mentor, just ask.

You mentor will help with your professional image as well as business suggestions and improvements.

Step 3  3 Seconds and an image is formed

It goes without saying that if you are going to a meeting or seeing a client, you dress to impress. Did you know that within 3 seconds your client has formed an impression of you and you haven’t even spoken yet. They have determined whether they can trust you and whether you will add value to them and their business.

Pay attention to your corporate image code – as hair, clothes, general grooming all sends out a message. What is yours?

Most importantly: Present an image of confidence, trustworthiness and be approachable, and a professional image goes a long way in uplifting staff and suppliers.

Step 4  Positive and Confident

Always make sure you have all the necessary information before attending a meeting.

Anticipate questions

Find solutions for opportunities

Try help

Encourage your clients to find their own solutions

Remember knowledge is power, but confidence is King, and this will be part of creating your professional image

Step 5  Respectful, and old fashioned values

Never be late for an appointment or meeting – remember time is money , not only for you but for your clients.

Never show you are bored

Old fashioned values are still the best – warm greetings, enthusiastic comments, treat all present with respect, be flexible.

Remember to build your relationships – sometimes business deals don’t happen immediately, but a strong relationship helps your clients remember you in the future. Professional image is key for future business

Step 6  Make promises and Comment

In a meeting, if you make a promise by setting deadlines or delivering samples – make sure you can reach those deadlines.

Commitment is a commitment

Rather over deliver and under promise – you will look like a star, and you will have created your professional image.

Build trust

Di and Lu

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