Agro Processing Fund from DTI

Agro Processing Fund from DTI

Agro Processing Fund from DTI

This incentive by the Department of Trade and Industry and is open  but will close on the 31/03/2019 and especially focuses on:

  • Food & beverage value addition and processing including Black winemakers
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Fibre manufacturing
  • Feed production
  • Fertilizer production


  • Cost-sharing grant between 20% – 30%
  • Maximum grant of R20 million over a 2-year investment period
  • Additional 10% grant that meets all criteria below:
  • Employment – increase base year employment by 25%
  • Transformation – BBBEE level 1
  • Geographical – located in state-owned industrial areas or areas with unemployment higher than 25%
  • Local procurement – procure > 70% of inputs or equipment & machinery locally manufactured


  • minimum BBBEE level 4
  • Retain or create employment
  • 50% of inputs (raw materials) sourced from South African suppliers
  • 30% of inputs will be sourced from black South African suppliers


  • this grant will close on the 31.03.2019
  • Apply within designated application window period prior to start of project
  • Commencement of project must be within 90 days after application is approved
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