Brand Identity vs Brand Image

Brand Identity vs Brand Image


Brand Identity vs Brand Image…

These are just words that you hear in passing, the buzz words of the time! But what do they actually mean – are they really relevant!

Comparing the past with the future!

Brand Identity is how the brand wants to be perceived by its clients and the market – What!!!! You say! When you sit and think about your logo, the colour, the font or shape of the words, where to place the picture, the shapes, all the visual elements – can you image how your clients will look at your brand…. Would you redo it?

Did you know that every colour has a different meaning! Blue for example means trust, honesty, reliability but it could also mean a bit old fashioned or a bit rigid…

Did you know if you had written your logo all in capital letters, it could mean you are not self-confidant? Medium sized hand writing or logo writing means you can see the big picture.

There is so much to consider when looking at and developing your logo and ultimately your brand identity – there are specialists just for this purpose. Its always great to get a professional opinion, dont you think.

Your Brand Identity doesnt just stop with logo, it is all the areas of your clients touchpoints. What do I mean with this statement! What is the clients first impressions about your company.. When and where did they get to see your company? Was it when they walked through your doors, or heard a staff member on the phone.

All companies need a document outlining what their Brand Identity is and what it stands for, and how you differentiate yourself from other brands, and what is your unique combination of style, ethos and personality that is specific for your market segment.

This becomes your guideline and to ensure a consistency is kept.

Brand Image is how your brand has been perceived by an individual or client. It usually gets based on beliefs, ideas and impressions. What was your customers experience and interactions! 91% of people will look for reviews before engaging with a new company. People need to see a brand about 7 times before buying – but each time it must be an enjoyable occasion.

Why is Brand Image so important?

1     Creates a better customer/brand interaction

2     Boosts the confidence of exiting customers while retaining them

3     Creates an easier platform to introduce new products under the same brand

4     Clients are attracted to brands of same values and standards and therefore increases your profits

Brand Identity vs Brand Image is basically between what happened in the past vs what will happen in the future

Determine who your target audience is, that is the most important. Each target audience will dictate a different look and feel and therefore determine what style you will have. Be authentic, remember who you are and what your business stands for. Always be open to change and ideas from professionals but more importantly from your clients. At the end of the day, they need to be happy with what they look at, what they experience and what experience they have just had with you.



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