Brand Image is not just how you look, but how you sound!

Brand Image is not just how you look, but how you sound!

Part of what Brand Analytics does is to offer our client media training. Dealing with the media can be daunting, but if you understand the space and the various forms of media then you are better prepared and equipped.

We recently hosted a media training workshop (4hrs) in Melkbos for 5 local businesses, from property, pottery, ministerial, skin care to a pharmaceutical business.  Our participants arrived a bit apprehensively, but within minutes they were having fun. Most of them were being exposed to radio and TV interviews for the first time and our coach gently took them through the process – as they say the best way to learn is to do!

Some of the key areas we covered in the 4 hours were:

Understanding the Media Mind

  • An insight into how the media works – radio / TV / Social Media
  • A discussion around the nature of news
  •  An in-depth discussion on media expectations; what is – and what is not possible
  • We’ll also examine ways in which to attract media attention – or to stop the media machine if necessary.

Get to the point

  • Explode the common myths around communication
  • Focus on the tools and techniques necessary to create uncluttered messaging
  • Define our audience
  • Determine our key messages
  •  Communication in simple terms

Presentation Skills Training

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Posture
  • Body language
  • The best way to determine key points

The Art of an Interview

  • Tips on how to talk to journalists
  • Preparing for the ‘hot seat’
  • Using nervousness as a positive edge
  • How to present yourself and your organization to the best possible advantage
  • Staying on track
  • Getting to the point
  • Common mistakes to avoid at all costs​     
  • Actual interviews – role playing – both radio & TV

Below I have included links to the various interviews we hosted. These interviews were done whilst we were learning how to do them – I think our participants did extremely well.  If this is something that is needed in your business, please contact me and we can arrange a workshop for you and your team.

Diane Boorman

Just click on the url links below to listen to our trainees;  –  Alana Oliver –  Life unLimited Minitries – Shantelle Long-Boysen – Elim Spa Products – Jacques Olivier – Flordis Natural Medicine – Melissa Barker – Melkbos Pottery – Tobi Bester – i Real Estates


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