Business in Beauty for June

Business in Beauty for June

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Ensuring efficiency and profitability for beauty, health and wellness practitioners

We are undoubtedly living through a wellness revolution. Never before have we had so many options for improving our health and wellbeing as we do today. Yoga, meditation classes, weight loss programmes, sound therapy, massage therapies, retreats and countless healing modalities are available to us, to help us live our best, most vibrant lives.

The wellness professionals who offer these services are some of the people who are truly following their passions when choosing their vocations. Unfortunately, many struggle to keep their heads above water and their businesses simply don’t make it. Time and time again we see people in the wellness profession having to shut their doors, due to a lack of profitability.

Diane Boorman, Creative Director at Brand Analytics believes the reason is twofold: “The first problem is that there are hardly any employment opportunities for someone who – for instance – wants to practise reiki or life coaching. Their only option is to start an own-business. The second issue is that while they open their practices with every good intention and are well-educated in their field of practice, they often lack the financial and business acumen to ensure that their wellness business is – above all – a business.”

Seeing this happen to “wellpreneurs” on a regular basis through her company Brand Analytics, Diane decided she had to do something to help. Herself a successful entrepreneur for 20 years, and well-versed in building companies and brands, she set about creating an uplifting and empowering programme geared specifically to the wellness industry.

Wealth from Wellness

Together with entrepreneurial coach and author, Bruce Wade, Diane has just launched Business in Beauty, a 6-month coaching and mentorship programme aimed at equipping beauty, health and wellness professionals with the tools they need to turn a merely (or barely) surviving practice into a thriving, sustainable business. The Business in Beauty initiative also offers individual mentoring, free talks and master classes – all with the sole purpose of helping to bring wealth to wellness.

“After all”, says Diane, “whether you are a life coach or quantum healer, your own financial wellness is critical to ensuring a calm disposition; one that lends itself to facilitating wellness in others.”

The programme is still in its infancy, but the Business in Beauty team is looking forward to seeing real results and playing a part in ensuring one of the most important industries of our generation remains profitable and viable.

Diane Boorman has been a highly successful entrepreneur for 20 years. She is the current Vice Chair for the Small Business Division and a Committee Member for the Cape Central Committee of the Cape Chamber of Commerce. She has also recently been nominated for Emerging Entrepreneur for Regional Business Woman of year 2018.  Diane can be contacted at

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