Colour Philosophy


Colour Philosophy

Did you know that every colour has a different meaning and that combining colours could change that meaning or even add to the meaning, this is Colour Philosophy.

You can wear different colours to enhance or disguise areas of concern or of flattery.

Your skin allows some colours to bring out the yellow of your skin or the pink of your skin.

So is this colour “thing”important for businesses, of course it is, it shows the first impression, first thought. Colour plays with your customers minds, after all its all about the customer, isn’t it. Colour Philosophy is so needed for businesses to understand how they affect their image.

Lets start with Black. Black you wear to make you appear slimmer. Black Friday was originally named due to huge road congestion, traffic accidents on the shopping day after Thanksgiving by The Philadelphia Police Dept in 1966. Later it was changed to a more positive image. The Friday after Thanksgiving became a very profitable shopping day. This day helped turn retail from being in the red ( loss) to black ( profit).

Amazing how a colour can have a negative connotation and then change to a positive one!

Black has also been associated with corporate uniforms, to create the impression of smart, sophistication, educated, professionals.

Colours affect us on a daily basis:

Traffic Lights – Red means stop or danger

Orange means caution

Green means go

Holidays –         Red and green are favourite Christmas colours

Halloween is usually black and orange

Easter features pastels

Mothers Day is usually pink and yellow

Emotions –       Blue is seen as conservative

Red for power and aggression

Bright colours like yellow and orange are for warmth

Blue and green are cool colours

Ecology –          Green is the major colour, and often used in association of fuel, electricity, going green

Phrases –          Opposite – either black or white

Not clear – grey area

Form of music –  The Blues

Religion –         Christianity – red symbolises the blood of Jesus

Islam – Green is their traditional colour

Hinduism – saffron is most sacred colour

– yellow represents knowledge and learning

Medicine –       Blue calming effect, lowers blood pressure and respiration

Therapists use green to soothe and relax

Violet is good for migraines

Food World –   Red and Yellow used often in fast foods, as red triggers stimulation, appetite and yellow has a feeling                               of happiness and friendliness. So combined, In, Eat, Out – speed and quickness.

Natural/vegetarian restaurants – green – feeling of nature, environment, friendly, relax, linger

Big brands –     IBM – Blue signifies stability and conservatism

UPS – Brown longevity and reliability

CourierIt – Yellow vibrance, need to be seen in traffic

In all aspects of our world, colour is around and important. So what colour do you grab for in the morning when you are getting dressed. The colour you used for your logo, do you understand it, how does it make your  clients feel. Enjoy colour philosphy, it is fabulous to play with!

Have a great month

Di and Lu

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