Default Negative

Default Negative

Isn’t this a stunning way to describe a “not great situation”

How often are we in situations that we feel awkward or uncomfortable, but don’t often say anything.

Recently I went to a meeting which turned into a very embarrassing situation. I had phoned to confirm if I needed to make an appointment, the answer was no, I could just arrive. I was very thankful and explained I would be popping in the day after the public holiday. I took my time in getting dressed, to ensure confidence as well as trust. I drove a far way for the meeting. Feeling very humble as I was going to ask for money to launch our new look business at an expo – these things cost huge money. I arrived to be told, nobody available. Really!!!! This was definitely a Default Negative situation.

If your receptionist is not well or doesn’t have enough info to serve your clients

– Default negative

If your chairs in the foyer or reception area are broken or wobbly

– Default negative

If you lose a client over something that could be avoided or rectified

– Default negative

If your business cards were printed incorrectly

– Default negative

We have so many situations where it’s just plan negative…. So how do we make this into a positive?

When last have you just daydreamed!!!!!

Take some time out to think! Find those opportunities to change a situation to positive. Sometimes it’s hard when we are trapped inside our business, rather than looking at it holistically. Call a professional to help, make an appointment with a coach. Contact us at Brand Analytics, we would love to share a cup of coffee and a chat.

Sometimes it’s only a deep breath, that fills your lunges right down to your tummy, that’s needed. Rub your hands together to get the creativity flowing. Walk outside and look at the clouds, watch the birds or take notice of how the leaves are moving.

It’s time for positivity.

It’s time for your uniqueness and authenticity

It’s time for business ethic

Change from Default Negative to Default Positive and take all your staff, family and friends with you.

Di and Lu

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