Business or Cycling or both


Business or Cycling or both

New Years Resolution is a tradition – have you made one? Mine is to determine whether there is a difference in running/starting a business or cycling an event !

The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, about 4,000 years ago according to

This year I decided a New Years Resolution was not going to cut it. An intervention would need to happen for me  to achieve my goal.

For the past 20 odd years, I have run my own successful businesses. Loved every minute of building a business. Before that, I worked in Retail and was very successful with MD awards, nominations and much more – this is to highlight business is in my blood.  It is very exciting to help business owners look at what they are currently doing and find new opportunities and areas of growth. During 2018, a journey was embarked on #50before50 experiences.

This blog is a journey of a New Years Success, whatever the outcome, it will be a success.

My friends from school will know I am not athletic, always last in the running races. Never able to do a hand stand, but loved hockey. Gym wasn’t my go to activity, but I went over the years, sometimes with great gusto, and sometimes with a very long slow motion moment.

2019, I have decided to train for the Cape Town Cycle Race.  My journey is just like starting a business, let me explain.

I mentioned my “one day”goal would be to complete the Cape Town Cycle Race, in a business networking. The very next moment an entry happened……. WHOOOOO!!

Its exactly like you say “One day” I would like to start a business, and the next minute you have a registered business name – now what!?

I have taken this journey quite literary, I know absolutely nothing about cycling. I have a bicycle and have ridden a few times and enjoyed it. So that is definitely a start… I have also bought cycling pants and a helmet.

What would be your next step if you had a business name? Literary, you would need a product or service that you would sell – no matter what your business is, you will always be selling your product or service.

After a fabulous holiday, I started thinking, how I would actually achieve this or would I just leave it for another year. Unfortunately I only have two months to get ready for this year, but I wont let that put a damper on my journey, because it doesnt matter if i ride this year or next, the basic fact is to get started. This is exactly what you need for your business – to get started.

I have mentored a number of businesses, that have a name but not a product or service, and always the starting point is “What exactly do you sell?”- and we unpack what you can do and what you love to do – and finally work out WHAT your business actually is.

Next step, find the experts…. Who do I need to surround myself with!!!!! Your family and friends are  the number one support structure, get them on board with your dreams – they are the ones to keep you on track, to remind you of your dreams, to encourage, to cheer and to motivate when you down. So, tick…. my family knows this is my dream, and they are supportive so long as it doesnt affect my health.

Then I contacted the professionals I need – that exactly what you need to do – a trainer, coach, mentor – someone who will keep you on track as well as educate, train, motivate and encourage you to achieve, to train and finally someone who knows more than you in a specific area – will be the most precious commodity to actually achieving your goals. I contacted my gym trainer who is excellent on strength and weights – and he agreed to focus on what I need. I didnt stop there, I also contacted a cycling buddy who has subsequently ridden the Cape Town Cycle Race and who is also a fitness trainer and she has agreed to help me with the cycling and endurance.  A huge shout out goes to Burgess and Salomien for this mammoth task!

All the right people are in place….

Lets get started.

My start date is 2 January 2019!

Until my next blog… lets see what happens

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