Pen to Paper – Brand Analytics


Pen to Paper – Brand Analytics

Pen to Paper is definitely an old terminology, isn’t it! It should be fingers to the kepboard – well actually that is even old fashioned. Brand Analytics looks at why.

Now we have cellphones with no buttons, only flat screens. Whichever way you want to acknowledge your way of getting your word out and about, thats exactly what i mean.
For businesses, the moment you push send, this message could incriminate you as well as form a Brand Image. Take a moment to read your last email. Do you understand it? Would a lay person understand the meaning behind your email?
Over the past week or two, my inbox has been flooded with emails addresses to the wrong person or wrong name, spelling errors, grammatical errors or just errors about what we do or don’t do.
Most businesses tend to get complacent. We become lazy, and if we are getting a salary, then why make a change.
This is so wrong!

Watch the video:

Businesses come and go. Dreams get shattered. Lives are at stack! Peoples mouths need to get fed.
If you employ one person, you feed about 6 people, did you know this. Statistics have shown how many people get affected if one person get retrenched and it is horrendous to know, that we all lack empathy or even the willingness to succeed.

Take your email, spend 5 minutes rereading it. Check the name of the person you are addressing it to. Spelling errors – use spellcheck. Grammatical errors – ask your colleague to give it a read. Become involved with your clients, use this to create a lasting relationship.

If you build a lasting relationship with one client, it takes the pressure off of you finding an extra client next month. It also allows you time to find a new client, increase your sales and profit and ultimately your salary or bonus. How easy!

Don’t paddle in rough waters. There is always a mentor available. Google has great resources. YoutTube provides you will videos on how to do anything. Why struggle.. This is after all 2017

Just 5 minutes!

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