Start with superior knowledge


Start with superior knowledge

Starting my training I know I needed superior knowledge, as my knowledge of cycling “climb on a bike and cycle”.

I did my fitness assessment, wow, that was so interesting! I wasnt as unfit as I thought. A huge shock, but a pleasant one. When you sit with a business mentor, and start unpacking what you can do, where you have expert knowledge and ultimately what business you would like to own and run – suddenly you will realise you have superior knowledge in your area of expertise. Well done!! Be very proud!!

Getting all the right equipment is vitally important – this included buying a Garmin to monitor my heart rate. I felt just like a pro!! A pro athlete – never ever ever thought I could or would say that.

Off I went on my first 2019 cycle, about 10km cycle. I might add the wind was blowing in Cape Town, this is a phenomenal experience. Could the weather please play along with me, well alas no! 27km wind.

Basically I made my destination, first off, I forgot to push start, once I had realised – I was about 1.5km into my cycle. Damn!!!

About 5km into my cycle, I wanted to give up. This wasnt for me. It was just to difficult. Eventually I realised, if i just keep going a cup of coffee will be my rewards – over the hurdle, I was ok. About 500m before my coffee stop, I got a puncture. Oh dash!!! Thank goodness for the sludge in my tyres, spin the tyres, I remembered. What nobody tells you, is the sludge will absolutely splatter all over your face as you spin the tyre…. Nothing flattering about cycling.

It is exactly the same as starting a business, get all the necessary equipment needed to produce your product, work or learn for 10 000 hours, you might then be classified as an expert. Of course there will always be hurdles. There will always be times when you want to give up. Persevere!! There are huge rewards at the end – your freedom, your pride, your knowledge, the lives you employ and so much more.

Often we see the end result of success, but we never see the blood, sweat and tears taken to get there. Its hard work, but find your WHY. Have you thought what your why is for wanting to run a business? Why do you want to sell that product or service? Why Why Why….

My WHY for cycling this race – if I am going to cycle a race, it best be one that is a challenge, it is also for the charity I will cycle for, but more importantly it is important to push ourselves out our comfort zone.  If you push yourself out your comfort zone, you can strive for the next challenge, the next adventure, the next success. Its all about YOU and what you want to achieve.

Cycling back was thrilling, now I knew I could cycle 10km and I got 1km in 1 minute – the adrenaline starts to kick in and you do start to enjoy the ride.

This week my challenge seriously starts – tomorrow morning 6am training… waking up early is not for me. Let’s see if I can actually manage to do this. My work week starts tomorrow too. I keep reminding myself that a lot of people train and work…. I am hoping I can be one of those people.

Hold thumbs

Be true to yourself, but also push yourself to achieve.

This week I will be finding a truck for a NPO, funding for some of my clients, CSI monies for my client to start a manufacturing plant, Small business development monies for a construction company to launch a new type building and so much more.

Thinking about what I will achieve with my business, I take some time to think about my training. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6am, Tuesday and Thursday 5pm training as well as 4 times cycling 20km without a break and then once 40 km cycle.

Yes I can do it!! Yes you can do it!! Lets do it together

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