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What is this famous plan all about? Why should you be part of it? The Diamond Plan is a registered trade mark for Brand Analytics. It is 30 years and 55000 hours of experience and expertise package together for Business Owners, Intrapreneurs to work ON their business...

YOUR FIVE STEP GUIDE – TO GETTING UNSTUCK WHEN IN A BUSINESS RUT By Diane Boorman – Founder at Brand Analytics, Business Enabler & Mentor

September 2019 - Often within your business cycle, we tend to get into a rut as a result of routine or just doing business our way. When this happens, it is easy to complain or talk about the challenges rather than the positive, exciting opportunities it presents; just in case others might steal your ideas or even see you as successful?

It is no secret that South Africa's small business failure rate is almost 80% within the first three years – this means the average entrepreneur's chance of starting a business, growing it and creating much-needed jobs is painfully slim. If you find yourself in a scenario, where you are successful - you should feel proud and allow others to take note, even going as far as giving advice and making suggestions for improvement in your business to take it to the next level. Ideally, we want to be learning every day, even from one another – with the goal of growing. Here’s your five-step guide to take action today: