The Story

The Story

The world is in a different place from where I started many years back in building my career and ultimately my businesses.. Standing at the robots handing out pamphlets was how you got known, if you provided good service your business grew… It was quite simplistic but very relevant and exciting.

Today I would like to share my journey and the story behind Brand Analytics.Leaving teritary education and completing a 3 year marketing diploma with additional subjects in PR, I worked in retail for the large retailers of SA – first in Cape Town and then got moved to JHB – my expertise in this field was planning, controlling the spend, analysing the past and looking forward to the future – always the big picture. What I really got known for was my relationship building with stores and clients – there was never a customer service problem that I could not solve – this resulted in a large telephone bill, but also nominations and awards for stock turn, profit etc etc, in all the retailers I worked for. 8 years with 10 promotions and a window office, I started my entrepreneurial journey.

First I bought a laundry, a business that had been running for a few years – this business I added retainer clients, got my product pyramid sorted and then formed the perfect franchise model before it was sold 2 years later to allow me to add some creativity instead of just folding undies for other people. This was a great stepping stone into the OWN business.Then I started from my garage a decor hire business, this business grew year on year for 13 years. A warehouse with loads of stock, staff, vehicles, excitement and so much more – became a monster as it grew. Little did I realise I would be part of THE most prestiguous event in SA – The presidential Inaugaration, and just under 5000 events in 13 years. This journey taught me how to position to gain AAA clients, How to pitch to AAA clients, how to enjoy a long journey with AAA clients. It also taught me staff, stock control, financial systems, planning, cash flow, and every part of a successful business – including customer relations, creativity, and so so so much more.In Johannesburg I was able to begin a womans networking platform called Networking Guruettes – a platform to build relationships and ultimately business growth and a fundraising platform to give back to the community.

Then I retired!! At the age of 40!! Moved to Cape Town……Often I would be asked, are you happy in CT and it was quite a surreal moment. Of course I was happy, but I was lacking purpose… and finding my ultimate purpose took a long time… during this time, I consulted to businesses for marketing strategies, business plans, funding, social media campaigns and identifying new opportunities. I bought all the equipment to frame pictures, but realised my ankle was too weak after breaking it to use the equipment.A cosmetic product house was created in this time too, this was so exciting to understand the process of building product, developing formulas, packaging and so much more. Launching in New York and beginning the export journey was tremendous! Ultimately this industry was not MY playing field – the business side of this industry was my playing field – but I had to discover it slowly and in my own time. This journey has taken me to upskill myself in Corporate and Individual styling, Interior design and so many other areas where I believed I was lacking.Service In Question was developed and helped legal firms, hospitals, courier companies, corporate gifting companies and more, understand brand image, self-esteem of owners and staff as well as body language, selling skills etc

Finally Brand Analytics has morphed from Service In Question. Using 30 years and 55 000 hours of corporate and entreprenuerial success The Diamond Plan™ was developed – a 9 month journey with the business owner to work ON the business. This plan adds business knowledge from a practical point of view, for the business owner to make better business decisions for growth, profit and reducing expenses.

With Covid19, going online has become essential, The Diamond Academy™ and The Diamond Den ™ are currently becoming a reality – the online platforms will enable business owners to tap into the wisdom and knowledge of the Brand Analytics team and continue learning and developing. The Diamond Den™ will allow investors to tap into a database of business owners and businesses to engage with for investment purposes

.Our current packages are:

Business BootCamp 3 hours once a month for 9 months – cost R3500 x 9 =R31500

The Diamond Plan ™ 3 hours plus extra once a month for 9 months – cost R8500 x 9 = R76500

The Diamond Academy™ yearly subscription for qualifying members R6000 per annum or R500 x 12 months

Find Your Sparkle 6 month programme – R3500 x 6 = R21000.

MasterClasses will vary depending on the topic and need – these are offered for free to all my clients. We use the expertise of Brand Analytics as well as experts in their field.

Round Table is a monthly online client based group – where ideas and opportunities are shared and a pitchdeck is streamlined – free to all Brand Analytics clients

Why the Diamond???
Diamonds are known for bringing abundance and fulfillment, helping you to dream big. They represent clarity of purpose and truth, strength, courage and purity with an emotional understanding. Exactly what I want my clients to learn – be focused, know their purpose and think bigger way bigger and grow.

What next?
Keynote speaking for all business audiences, this includes the following three topics:
1. Architecture for Business Growth 2. Secrets of attracting your AAA clients 3. Personal Brand vs Corporate Brand

Speaking engagements during lockdown include – The Hereford Group June 2020, BNI International Business Booster July 2020, and Afternoon Express TV show July 2020

Community based social media campaign I an Instagram and Facebook campaign for business woman to inspire and motivate other business woman to keep growing. Soon to launch are three stores or collaborations – monies raised from this platform will be packaged as Angel Investment into Female businesses ready to grow. I aM Confident – range of lingerie. I aM Authentic a range of jewellery. I aM Awesome a range of shoes

Success is often dictated by your network and who you surround yourself with. We are proud to say our network is amazing and our support structure grows daily.

Our international board of directors are Landi Jac and Mike Handcock from Circle of Excellence.
Woman in Business Accelerate programme 2020 run by Anni Wilhelmi from CrossRoads Co. Cape Chamber of Commerce – Cape Central Committee 2018/2019/2020.
Chairperson for Small Business Development Portfolio of Cape Chamber 2019/2020. Director for Orion Organisation NPC 2018/2019/2020.
Member of Women of Worth Margaret Hirsch Supper Club 2018/2019/2020. BNI Member 2018/2019/2020 and soon to be first female President for Edge Chapter of BNI 2020

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