Trust your Wisdom


Trust your Wisdom

How many times do we doubt ourselves and our decisions?

I do this all the time. Do I have enough knowledge to be called a specialist in my area – well! I have a marketing tertiary education, I have been a successful entrepreneur for 19 years, I am qualified Executive and Individual Image Consultant, I have built a successful Décor hire company, and I am studying Interior Design currently. I believe this gives me enough knowledge to call myself a Corporate Identity Stylist and be proud of that fact.

So why doubt ourselves? Why not just Trust our Wisdom…..

Do you know what your brand is? If not, find out today! I can give you the most amazing lady to work with… just ask!

Once you know what your brand is, then have your next decision what your Identity is?

Did you decide your image is professional or fun and relaxed? Why doubt these decisions? We all have a voice, an authentic voice that needs to be heard and seen.

My advice always is to start with a plan, build on your plan until You are happy with your way forward. Find the experts you enjoy working with. Then put one step in front of another and move forward. Yes you say its easy for me to say!!!

I broke my ankle 6 years ago, and what an excuse this has become. I tried various exercise regimes and some worked well for a time and others I just couldn’t enjoy, some you grow out of. For the past 18 months I have enjoyed a fitness strength class and it has grown on me as I have become stronger. So why am I telling you this. Well this morning we had an exercise to do that required balance and my mind went into over drive. You can’t do this! Your ankle won’t handle this! You have no balance! Find a way to do it but with help!!

Anyway my team mates pushed me through this! All they said was “You can do this” Me, really?! And guess what I did, I could, I just had to believe and trust myself. And actually so what if I face planted, it wouldn’t have been the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. But I trusted and I did it! So proud.

If your motivation is authentic, and you are doing things to grow you or help you or others, then Trust your Wisdom. If your motives are not great – it probably won’t work out. Put a plan or a policy in place – if you don’t know how , ASK!

Work with us at Brand Analytics but Trust your Wisdom and your dreams . Remember change is not always accepted and easy, but it is well worth the time and effort. It can and often does create conflict. Have your plan, stick with it and slowly slowly change happens. Be sympathetic to people around you, allow each person to understand and accept the change, more often than not, you will find all the staff Trusts your Wisdom better than you do. Be open for change. Your business is just that your business, nobody knows better how to run it or develop it than you do. Trust!

Di and Lu

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